Sweetgrass Paper Company

Katie Elizabeth Eney. Based in Cut Bank, MT, US.

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About Sweetgrass Paper Company

I'm a calligrapher, designer and artist living in beautiful Montana with my farmer husband and our twin girls. I draw inspiration from the raw beauty of the mountains, lakes, and wildflowers around our home.

favorite artists

  • Jennifer Wick
  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Hooray Creative
  • Melanie Severin
  • Lori Wemple
  • Mya Bessette


Mariecor Agravante on Mar 02 2018
Mariecor Agravante
  • Minted Jun 7, 2015
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Hi, Katie :) I love your calligraphy -- and I wondered if you have time in your busy schedule for some collaboration for the GC Challenge? Please let me know if your schedule permits via email or on Facebook (I'm "Marie Ag" there), so that I may send some new, original copy (not on the list) to you. Thank you for your consideration :) Sincerely, Mariecor Agravante :)

Melanie Severin on May 12 2017
Melanie Severin
  • Minted May 19, 2011
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Thank you for your sweet comment - it made my day! You have some beautiful holiday entries - love your hand lettering. Best of luck!

Paula Pecevich on Sep 23 2016
Paula Pecevich
  • Minted Sep 13, 2016
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Hi Katie, Just wanted to pop over to let you know I made a change with your suggestion to the Japanese Magnolia Flowers. I just created a new poll with one being your suggestion. Thank you again. ~ Paula

Paula Pecevich on Sep 21 2016
Paula Pecevich
  • Minted Sep 13, 2016
  • 18 Awards
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Hi Katie, Thank you so much for your suggestion on the colors. I'm new to the Minted challenges so I just need to figure out how to add another image to that poll. I really appreciated your feedback. Best of luck to you! Your watercolors and designs are beautiful!

Jackie Crawford on Aug 31 2016
Jackie Crawford
  • Minted Nov 10, 2011
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HI Katie! Thank you for pointing out the color issue on my letterpress invitation. I promise I selected the right color and it came up as the normal black and I forgot to check up again on it before I submitted. I ended up switching the design to the regular Save the Date challenge so I could keep the dark black. Thank you again for pointing that out to me, I appreciate it!

Angela Garrick on Aug 26 2016
Angela Garrick
  • Minted Jun 28, 2015
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Thank you for the nice comment! I launched a poll like you suggested :)

Bethania Lima on Oct 12 2015
Bethania Lima
  • Minted Jun 24, 2012
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Thank you very much for liking "Soul Garden"! Welcome to Minted! I just visited your site and realized you have an amazing line work. Good luck there and here!