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Marabou Design on May 28 2012
Marabou Design
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Calling all Northwest Minties! Do you live in Washington, Oregon or Idaho? Join us for a Northwest Mintie Meet-Up! Saturday, August 11th 2012. Meet Minted's founder & CEO Mariam Naficy while mingling with fellow designers. Email brandy(at)maraboudesign(dot)com for more info!

Design Lotus on Mar 07 2010
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I think you think I made the clipart comment, but I would not do anything so cowardice. I would just ignore the clipart comment or repost your design to get rid of it. I posted the 1st comment as a hint to make you aware that you were using a illustration that had already been posted in this challenge. On top of that it was in the same colors. There is no 'rule' against doing that but it doesn't reflect well on you as a community member in my opinion. So to answer your question - "Do you have something personal against me where you think my stuff is clip art?" No, I don't have anything against you personally. But lets face it, if you are not the original author of the illustration - it really is 'clipart'. There's nothing wrong with that. I think you should check out the minted forum, there's some good discussions on this and more. Good luck in the challenge. = )