Stacy Splonski

Stacy Splonski. Based in Salem, OR, US.

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About Stacy Splonski

A simple girl, passionate designer, proud mother of two & admirer of lovely things. Minted is an amazing community that allows me to design for life's special moments and to learn and evolve with inspiration from so many talented designers. This community gives me another reason to be creative every day.

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Dreaming Inspirations on Jun 01 2011
Dreaming Inspirations
  • Minted Feb 13, 2011
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Thanks for the Congrats!! I love that lil Good Luck to You i havent got to check yet to see if you designs made it but i hope they did!

Leslie Ann Jones on May 31 2011
Leslie Ann Jones
  • Minted Jun 9, 2010
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Thanks for your kind words on my "Blessings Abundant" card. I hand-lettered joy, love and peace. The rest of the lettering is a combination of handwriting fonts.

Jennifer Wick on Apr 13 2011
Jennifer Wick
  • Minted Sep 2, 2010
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Hey thanks Stacy! Your Easter chick card is soo adorable

Larkspur Paperie on Mar 23 2011
Larkspur Paperie
  • Minted Dec 9, 2010
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Thanks so much.

Stacy Splonski on Feb 11 2011
Stacy Splonski
  • Minted Mar 24, 2010
  • 5 Awards
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Aww, thanks Megan! I know it is frustrating to work so hard at perfection and stare at a design for so long, only to put it out there with an error. I think we have all been there a time or two. :) p.s. I bowed out of the last couple of challenges & missed your "Big Day HOORAY!" design but I am a big fan of that cute little couple! Are you submitting anything this go 'round?

Inkblot Paper on Feb 08 2011
Inkblot Paper
  • Minted May 11, 2010
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Love and appreciate your spelling/grammar comments! It’s nice to know there is another stickler out there, and someone good at spotting the tiny imperfections for us! Sometimes they are hard to see when you’ve looked at a design so many times!