Stephanie Fehrenbach

Stephanie Fehrenbach. Based in Kitchener, CA, US.

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About Stephanie Fehrenbach

I'm a Canadian artist living in Kitchener-Waterloo with my husband. I work out of a lovely home-based studio with our puppy, Sammy, always snuggled by my side. All I've ever wanted to do was paint pretty things that make people happy, and I strive to create watercolours that are cheerful but also soothing and soft. My paintings always begin with colour. I love creating new combinations and experimenting with how the mood of a piece transforms depending on the colours I choose.

favorite artists

  • Lady Noble
  • Melanie Severin
  • Andi Pahl
  • Makewells
  • Jorey Hurley
  • Kelly Ventura


Renee Anne on Jan 28 2016
Renee Anne
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Thank you for your like on my submission!! All the best to you!!

Cycling Pear on Sep 11 2015
Cycling Pear
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Your work is gorgeous! Very airy and feminine.

Jocelyn Edin on Jul 09 2015
Jocelyn Edin
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Thank you for stopping and liking my work. It looks as though we're kindred creative spirits. I recently fell in love with watercolor as well. Love the flora, in watercolor and the oils on your site :)