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Heidi Symmes. Based in Martinez, CA, US.

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About Stardust Design Studio

Well, you can say it all started when I was 3 and my mom discovered me creating a crayon mural in the hallway of our house. I soon found a new love of drawing and painting, and creating personal pieces of art for my friends, family and teachers. When I went to college I decided to major in graphic design and have been working in the creative field ever since. I consider myself so lucky to be able to do what I've always loved and share my creativity with the world!

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amanda lawrence on Aug 29 2018
amanda lawrence
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Heidi - best wishes and thank you for your like and support on "ribbons" - good luck in these challenges - you have lovely designs - Amanda

Kathy Par on Aug 09 2018
Kathy Par
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Thank you for your sweet comment on my "Dreaming" wall mural. Good luck to you. By the way I love your "Seas the Day" design. It's beautiful. =)