based in Leicester, UK.

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About Shrubabati

Hello! I am Shrubabati - a software professional with a creative flair (or so I think :P). I love everything about paper - patterns, prints, colors, all of it! I visited 'Minted' by chance and loved the way it encourages designers to showcase their creations. I am still a newbie in the world of designing, but then what better starting place than this?! Please look at my designs and give your feedback. I promise to learn from them and keep designing :)

favorite artists

  • Griffinbell Paper Co.
  • Kristie Kern
  • Lori Wemple
  • Phrosne Ras


Tereza Šašinková Lukášová on Mar 28 2014
Tereza Šašinková Lukášová
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Thank you for your likes :-) Shrubabati

Shrubabati on Mar 12 2014
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Thank you for your encouragement, Smeeta :) I am indeed a newbie, trying to learn at each step along the way! I will definitely give your idea a try.

Smeeta Sharma on Mar 12 2014
Smeeta Sharma
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Hi Shrubabati . Welcome to Minted! I see you're a newbie to the design word. I love your IceCreamsandCherries idea and thought you could try another design that highlighted the ice cream. Maybe make the focal point the ice cream with a small 3 ontop (kinda of like a cherry sitting on top). I would love to see that illustration shine a little more. The other thing I would look into is typography. Choosing the right font is essential. You illustrations skills are lovely and I think you'll learn a lot here. Let me know if you need any help. Good luck with it all.