Shannon Howard

Shannon Howard. Based in Los Angeles, CA, US.

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About Shannon Howard

Shannon is a Los Angeles-based photographer whose work is inspired by quiet moments, natural elements, coastal living, and the many vibrant places in our world that evoke joy & wonder. Her minimalistic style evolved out of a desire to draw focus to the abundant simple beauty that surrounds us everywhere we go. She strives to transform these little moments into unique pieces that allow others to feel inspired, alive, and refreshed in their space. :)

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Gabrielle Cave on Aug 07 2017
Gabrielle Cave
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Hi Shannon, thanks so much for liking my Pottery Barn Kids submission 'Goodnight my Little Star' I can't wait for the results! Good luck to you x

Deborah Chou on Jul 26 2017
Deborah Chou
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Thanks for the like on my Aquatic High Jump! Best of luck in the challenges.

Courtney Crane on Jul 26 2017
Courtney Crane
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Hi Shannon, I appreciate the like on Neon Jupiter. You have some lovely pieces! Best of luck! - Courtney

Janet Cruz on Jul 25 2017
Janet Cruz
  • Minted Jul 10, 2017
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Hi Shannon, thanks for the like on my "Pretty Baby". I appreciate it. Your images are pretty fabulous by the way... love them all. Best of luck in the challenge.

Bethania Lima on Feb 14 2017
Bethania Lima
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Hi, Shannon. Thank you very much for the likes on "Telling a story" and "Alternative Paths". You have beautiful submissions too. Good luck in the challenge!