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Kendra Nez. Based in Huntsville, AL, US.

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About Seven Design Boutique

When I was little I wanted to be a coloring book artist (someone who colors for a living.) As I got older I doodled on paper to create my own "stationery suites." Fast forward several years I attend art school, because it is important to me to love what I do and have a creative outlet. So here I am now making this happen, and designing stationery that represents the stories people live.

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freshead creative on Feb 08 2011
freshead creative
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Hi Kendra, thanks for checking the designs. Good luck on the shower invite challenge

Larkspur Paperie on Feb 03 2011
Larkspur Paperie
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Thanks Kendra!

Seven Design Boutique on Feb 03 2011
Seven Design Boutique
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Thanks Lindsay!