Christine Choe. Based in San Jose, CA, US.

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About seulghi

Hi, I'm Christine! "seulghi" is my Korean name and my creative identity. I've always loved making things and working with my hands since I was little, whether it was painting, cross-stitching, or photography. I never imagined that I would be able to pursue a creative career, but thankfully, what I thought was just a childhood passion has ended up becoming much, much more. My focus has been on graphic design and photography these past few years, but I'm always looking to learn new skills!

favorite artists

  • Moglea
  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Hooray Creative
  • Lori Wemple
  • Phrosne Ras
  • Julia Contacessi


Benita Crandall on Apr 16 2018
Benita Crandall
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Thank you Christine for the like of my design Joyful Florals! Love your fresh designs!

frau brandt on Mar 08 2018
frau brandt
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Thank you, Christine for the like on "Floral Thankfulness". It is so encouraging to get positive feedback. I have very dear Korean friends here in Berlin, so I like your Korean name.

Basil Design Studio on Sep 02 2016
Basil Design Studio
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Hi Christine. Thanks so much for your comment on my Love and Adventure Save the Date. I took your advice and updated the photo. I would love your feedback (good or bad). Thanks so much and have a great day!