September Wren

Meg Venter. Based in Santa Cruz, CA, US.

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About September Wren

September Wren was founded in 2011, when photographer Meg Venter moved from San Diego to Boston in the winter. Venter found comfort in pictures of California, and spent hours remixing her photographs to create the sun-soaked designs that became September Wren.

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Courtney Crane on Jan 08 2015
Courtney Crane
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Hi Meg, Thanks for your like on Stormy! Your Popsicles make me long for summer and sticky little fingers! So adorable! Courtney

Me Amelia on Jan 07 2015
Me Amelia
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Hi Meg, Thank you so much for your like on my Art Challenge submission. Love your Pops, hope to see more of your work here.

Cindy Jost on May 10 2013
Cindy Jost
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Looks like you don't need any!

Cindy Jost on May 03 2013
Cindy Jost
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Hi I read your comment about my ideas and how you couldn't think of one...:-) I take that as a compliment and thank you. Most of my ideas are based on personal likes and colors or those of friends and family, so it makes it easier. Other ideas just happen. The name September sparks an abstract idea with yellows, reds, oranges, browns and greens. Designing anything, all the time, is always on my mind :-) Good luck in future contests and let your surroundings give you ideas.