Sabrina Hoeke

Sabrina Hoeke. Based in Los Gatos, CA, US.

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About Sabrina Hoeke

Fitting in a creative life with my 3 teenage children, busy husband, 2 cats, and a charismatic dog is both challenging and rewarding. My style can be a bit unpredictable, choosing clean and simple digital designing one day; and rich, textural, ephemeral collage and painting the next. My main concern is that the pieces “feel right” when done and I hope that the joy I put into them transport the viewer or customer to that place as well.

favorite artists

  • Erin Deegan
  • Lisa Seng
  • Lori Wemple
  • Nazia Hyder
  • Shannon Hays


mischief monday on Jul 28 2019
mischief monday
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Hi Sabrina! Thanks so much for your support! Much appreciated :D best of luck!

Chelsea And Marbles Paper on Mar 14 2018
Chelsea And Marbles Paper
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Thanks for liking my submission "Congrats Cake Topper". Best of luck to you in the challenges!

Kim Dietrich Elam on Jan 20 2014
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks so much for your feedback on my design, Sabrina!! I did think about two glasses or two hearts/picks, but decided to keep the design as simple as possible with just the one. I figured it could represent a shared drink. ;) Thanks, again, and best of luck to you!!!

Jordan Bariesheff on Jan 09 2014
Jordan Bariesheff
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Thanks Sabrina, I've made the icons a little bigger does make it feel a little lighter, thank you! : )