Sasquatch Mansfield

Sasquatch Mansfield. Based in Austin, TX, US.

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About Sasquatch Mansfield

Sasquatch Mansfield is an artist, photographer, writer, musician, craftsman, and so on. Born in Austin, Texas, Sasquatch uses his unique perception of the world to produce artwork that is familiar and new. He aims to present the everyday mundane nothingness of life except with a touch of obscurity. He currently lives in a small town in the middle of Texas.

designs by Sasquatch Mansfield

favorite artists

  • Swift Design
  • Amy Chandler
  • pook&diesel
  • steph weibring
  • LCJ Designs
  • Charly Rhea


Noel Vogt on Oct 22 2019
Noel Vogt
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Thanks for the like on my "Head in the..." submission! Appreciate the support. All the best in the challenge!

Lisa Travis on Aug 26 2019
Lisa Travis
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Hi Sasquatch, thanks for liking my PB entry “Red Rocks”, I appreciate the support. Best of luck in the challenge

Karrie Ross on Nov 19 2018
Karrie Ross
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Thank you for your like, it's appreciated. ~Karrie

Amy Hall on Nov 18 2018
Amy Hall
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Thank you so much for the likes! I appreciate it. Best of luck with your photography. Your photos are lovely.

Hannah Lowe Corman on Nov 14 2018
Hannah Lowe Corman
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Thanks for liking my submission of Desert Rose! Your photography is beautiful and I'm digging the double exposures! Best of luck in the challenges xo Hannah

Rebecca Rueth on Jan 07 2018
Rebecca Rueth
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Hi Sasquatch, Welcome to minted! Thank you for the like on my "Point Joe Respite" submission for the large format art Print Challenge! Best Wishes in the Challenge!