Sarah Rospenda. Based in South Bend, IN, US.

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About sarasponda

I don't have any formal design training - everything is self-taught. But growing up with a graphic designer for a father meant I got to play with all the tools from a young age (what 5 year old gets to play with a set of Prismacolor Markers in every imaginable color?) Now design is one of my creative outlets - and I love being connected with other designers on Minted. When I'm not designing, I'm working my day-job or taking care of my adorable daughter who was born in November 2010.

favorite artists

  • Float Paperie
  • annie clark
  • Andrea Snaza
  • Design Lotus
  • Oscar & Emma
  • sweet street gals


Kim Dietrich Elam on Jul 14 2012
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks so much for your comment on "Skull and Crossware" - your comment made me laugh! :)

Kim Dietrich Elam on Jul 13 2012
Kim Dietrich Elam
  • Minted Feb 10, 2011
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I like the look of the black sky with clouds on you "A-haunting" design, but I could only view the thumbnail image. For some reason, I can't see the design when it goes to the design page (the image won't load). It may just be the site at this moment (or my computer), but you may want to check that it loads on your end to make sure it's just me. Good luck!!! :)

Kimberly FitzSimons on Jan 24 2012
Kimberly FitzSimons
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Hi, Sarah! Thank you for your comments on my "Arrow" design. I really appreciate it. I love your Ker-splat design in this challenge! That white space is perfect :)

Jill Means on Nov 10 2011
Jill Means
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thanks for the lovely comment, what a pleasant way to start the day!

Amber Barkley on Nov 04 2011
Amber Barkley
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Thank you Sarah for your sweet comment! It made me smile! I loved your designs for the wedding invitation challenge, so I can't wait to see more of your work!!! Thanks again, and good luck!!! :)

Jenifer Martino on Feb 18 2011
Jenifer Martino
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Thanks so much for the advice and comments! :-)

Cheryl Nachbauer on Feb 15 2011
Cheryl Nachbauer
  • Minted Nov 27, 2010
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thanks so much for the comments/advice. I uploaded a new one but am still tweaking.

Claudette on Jul 30 2008

Sarah, thank you for taking the time to design for us - we so appreciate it. Congratulations on your placement! (Justin is sad that he can't have "Lovey Dovey" - he got such a kick out of the birds!)