Gabri Giff. Based in {"City":Null, "State":"Ny".

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favorite artists

  • Andres Montaño
  • Guess What Design Studio
  • chocomocacino
  • Kim Dietrich Elam


Kim Dietrich Elam on Jun 25 2012
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks for your comment, Sarah! Minted and its community of designers has been so helpful to me this past year in helping me to learn Illustrator and hone my stationery skills, and I definitely think I've gotten more out of my Minted experience because of my involvement. Best of luck to you in getting what you want out of your Minted experience! See you around the site! :)

Gabriel on Jun 13 2012
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Thank you for the welcome! :) I can imagine, so much exposure to all this different work really opens ones mind. Look forward to seeing lots of more great stuff from you :)

chocomocacino on Jun 13 2012
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sarah, thank you for ur comments. They give me a bright smile for today!! :D And welcome to minted! Minted certainly help in shaping my design aesthetics.. Look forward to see you around!