Sandro Portaluri

Sandro Portaluri. Based in Ribeirao Preto, Sp, BR.

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About Sandro Portaluri

Sandro Portaluri is a professional photographer based in Brazil. Graduated in Business Administration with a master degree in Agribusiness, he chose to leave the stability in a multinational company to devote himself entirely to photography. Sandro Portaluri was born in Brazil and lives with his family between the fields and the city, in Ribeirão Preto, countryside of São Paulo.

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  • Peter Stein
  • Juliana Zimmermann
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  • Bree Madden
  • Sandro Portaluri


Jan Shepherd on Aug 24 2017
Jan Shepherd
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Good morning Sandro - I was very encouraged by your like on Stargazing! I love your photographs and their titles also, which I think is a very important part in the presentation, giving a hint to the viewer of what the image means to you :)

Benita Crandall on Mar 02 2017
Benita Crandall
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Thank you so much for the like Sandro! YOur photographs are gorgeous! :-) Benita

Deborah Chou on Jun 28 2016
Deborah Chou
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Sandro, Thanks so much for the like. Your photography is beautiful. Best of luck to you in the challenges!

Peter Stein on Jun 21 2016
Peter Stein
  • Minted Sep 1, 2015
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Hi Sandro, thank you for the 'like' of my work. You have submitted some nice photos, wish you success in the challenge!

Robert Deem on Jun 21 2016
Robert Deem
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Thank you Sandro for "liking" "Pillar Point Harbor" and taking the time to write your kind comments. I'm drawn to your beautiful photos and look forward to seeing more. Best wishes to you in the challenge!

Juliana Zimmermann on Jun 19 2016
Juliana Zimmermann
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Thank you for liking my design Sandro! I wish you best of luck with the challenges :)