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Samantha Phillips. Based in Jackson, NJ, US.

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Hey! I'm Sam/Sami/Samantha. I'm a sales associate by day, graphic designer by night. When I'm not working, I'm a huge geek who enjoys RPGs and watching old sit coms.

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Jennifer Postorino on Feb 16 2012
Jennifer Postorino
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thanks for the advice on submitting my files :) however, this challenge minted as changed things up a bit & i was just having some issues with the "new" way of doing things. i think i have figured it out now but wanted to let you know that i really appreciate you taking the time to help me out :)

Monika Natius on Nov 03 2011
Monika Natius
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Thanks for the "hello" Good to see you another "Jersey Girl" on here too ;-D

Sandy Pons on Oct 31 2011
Sandy Pons
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Hi Sami-Thanks so much for your nice comment! I create my designs on the computer and then I print them on transfer paper. Then I embroider it and scan it. Takes a while but I really enjoy doing it!

Britt Clendenen on Oct 30 2011
Britt Clendenen
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hehe, I was laughing about your comment on the yarmulke looking like a hood. It did! I hope I fixed it ;) Thanks so much for your feedback :)

Debb W on Sep 21 2011
Debb W
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Thank you for the kind comment. I appreciate it. :)

Simply Shira on Sep 21 2011
Simply Shira
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Sami... Thanks soooo much for the comment on my Preppy Circle Holiday Tag. It is the very design I wanted more time with so simply recv'ing a thumbs up means more then I can even begin to express!!! Thank you big time!!!