Sabine McClintock

Sabine McClintock. Based in Cheyenne, WY, US.

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favorite artists

  • Design Lotus
  • Three Kisses Studio
  • Griffinbell Paper Co.
  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Kristen Smith
  • GeekInk Design


Deynaaz Daraei on Dec 03 2018
Deynaaz Daraei
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Thank you dear Sabine and good luck!

Erin German Design on Nov 30 2018
Erin German Design
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Thanks so much for your comments on my "Rain" design. I thought that silver foil would look awesome, but it wasn't translating well in the low res image for posting. Ugh!

Von Sides on Mar 22 2018
Von Sides
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Sabine, Thank you for the like on my Aqua Storm! It pleases me so much when another Artist enjoys my work. Yes, I guess I do have a lot of patience. I always seem involved with things that require time and attention to detail. Your work is beautiful. I look forward to crossing paths again soon. All the best, Von

Cassandra Imagines on Mar 22 2018
Cassandra Imagines
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Hi Sabine! Love the updates, and thanks for the comment! You can contact me on Facebook for advice or anything really if you like. I am Cassandra Takeshi there, add me as a friend! I can explain more about the timelines and stuff too there. Best of luck!

Cassandra Imagines on Mar 19 2018
Cassandra Imagines
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Hi Sabine! Thanks so much for the extra set of eyes on those dates- looks like I did it to a couple entries (facepalm) I get so caught up in drawing, I sometimes overlook things like that!

Sabine McClintock on Feb 10 2018
Sabine McClintock
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Thank you so much, Mariecor!

Mariecor Agravante on Feb 10 2018
Mariecor Agravante
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Hi, Sabine -- thank you for your sweet FineArtAmerica email! I am happy to see that you have discovered other online avenues where you can showcase your lovely artwork. Also try Spoonflower, RedBubble, Zazzle, and Society6. There are many others, too, but I always return to Minted for the camaraderie. There's a Minted Facebook group called the Minted Community, where you can socialize and learn from even more artists about their craft, and where they also feature their artwork. Welcome to Minted, Sabine! It is a joy to meet you, and especially view your beautiful oeuvres! I hope to see more of your pieces in future challenges as well :) Happy February (and February 14th ahead of time)!