Pamela Sherry. Based in Prosper, TX, US.

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My name is Pamela Sherry and I’m the self-taught pattern and paper goods designer behind PIXELIMPRESS, an online boutique stationery shop. I generally create designs showcasing bold colors, trendy patterns and modern fonts.

favorite artists

  • Simona Camp


Playground Prints on May 03 2016
Playground Prints
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Hi Pamela, thank you so much for the sweet comments and the like! Best of luck in the challenge!! :)

Kim Dietrich Elam on Mar 26 2016
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Hi, Pamela! I noticed one of your comments on a design and wanted to make sure you understood Minted's request on the current religious holiday card challenge. They asked for no "Merry Christmas" as the main greeting, meaning that they don't want people to submit a design that just says "Merry Christmas" and who it's from. They are not opposed to "Merry Christmas" being on the card. I just wanted to make sure you knew this, in case you wanted to use it in your designs!!! They just want anything that just has "Merry Christmas" as the big greeting to be submitted to the regular holiday challenge. Good luck!

Jennifer Morehead on Mar 01 2016
Jennifer Morehead
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Thanks for your comment about the month in my date! That's what happens when you work tired;) thanks again!

Lisa Travis on Mar 01 2016
Lisa Travis
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Pamela, Thank you so much for the like on "Kelly", I appreciate the support! Best of luck in the challenge!

Bethania Lima on Feb 23 2016
Bethania Lima
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Hi, Pamela. Thank you for the like on "Happy hour". Very much appreciated. Just visited your site. Amazing! Good luck in the PB Challenge with those gorgeous submissions of yours!

Dawn Smith on Feb 22 2016
Dawn Smith
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Thanks for your comment on the Minted Instagram feed. Love your art prints! Best of luck with the challenge :)