Pippin Schupbach

pippin schupbach. Based in St. Louis, MO, US.

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About Pippin Schupbach

I am a mixed-media painter and graphic designer Colorado native now living in Saint Louis. I create art influenced by my childhood explorations of the Rocky Mountains and West Coast. My style varies - ranging from free form abstracts to straight lined geometric themed pieces. I start my paintings with colors and images found in nature and let the organic shapes emerge by themselves. My paintings evolve through applying layers of paint, and other mediums such as ink, charcoal, and pastel.

favorite artists

  • Shirley Browning
  • Nell Waters Bernegger
  • Makewells
  • Misty Hughes
  • Kiana Mosley
  • Jillian Kaye


Lisa Mann on Feb 03 2017
Lisa Mann
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HI Pippin, Thanks so much for your comment;) My paintings are oil paint mixed with cold wax- I apply in layers and then scrape back to selectively reveal layers below. Good luck to you!

Jackie Crawford on Jun 02 2016
Jackie Crawford
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Hi Pippen, thank you so much for your nice comment on my Record Year entry. You've got some great entries in the challenge, I wish you the best of luck! Have a great weekend!

Susan Moyal on Jun 01 2016
Susan Moyal
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Hi Pippen thanks so much for the great suggestion and nice comment!! :)