Pat Foltz

Pat Foltz. Based in Cherry Hill, NJ, US.

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About Pat Foltz

A Photographer, Surface Pattern Designer, and former Costumer to Theater and Opera productions, Pat Foltz is most at home when creating something or roaming with a camera in her hand.

favorite artists

  • John Henry
  • Christian Florin
  • Carol C. Young
  • Mel Thompson
  • Land Collioure Le Coq
  • Teodora Guererra


Rebecca Rueth on Jan 22 2018
Rebecca Rueth
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Hi Pat, Thank you for the likes! Hope you've gotten things figured out here! Best wishes in the challenge!

Rega on Jan 15 2018
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Hi Pat,Thank you so much for the like on Dream of Riding :) Your photos are beautiful ! Wishing you all the best on the challenge :)

Teodora Guererra on Jan 15 2018
Teodora Guererra
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Thanks Pat! Love your all your work. Evokes so many childhood memories. Good luck!

Amy Hall on Jan 14 2018
Amy Hall
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Thank you for all the likes! I love your photography. Best of luck!

Adriana Mannion on Jan 13 2018
Adriana Mannion
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Hi Pat, thank you for the likes and your comment. I was pleasantly surprised you love my Little Red Outhouse. Best of luck in the challenge!

Alicia Abla on Jan 13 2018
Alicia Abla
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Thank you so much for your comment and likes! Made me smile! You have some lovely images, Alicia

Lee Dunnie on Jan 03 2018
Lee Dunnie
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Thanks for the likes Pat. All are appreciated.

Avila Arts on Nov 30 2017
Avila Arts
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Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the like on "Dwellings". Your photos are beautiful. I especially like "Sleepy Pony". Keep up the great work. - Kristin Vorbau

Pat Foltz on Oct 15 2017
Pat Foltz
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Hi, Rebecca. Yes, I have the challenge info. Everything I have here is a submission for the Large Format Challenge. I am going to have to narrow them down. I haven't joined the FB group yet, but it is on my list. I was thinking of posting a feedback question- one of the surveys asking if people prefer one photo or another that are similar. Can you direct me to instructions on how to do that? Thanks for offering to help!

Rebecca Rueth on Oct 15 2017
Rebecca Rueth
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Hi Pat, Yes, I'm working on sorting through some pieces that I've been working on and some of my photography for the Large format challenge. Did you download the brief and submission info for the challenge? Have you joined the minted facebook group? also I would ask for a critique from the other artists on pieces that you want feedback on. Do you have any questions in particular about submitting?