Jimena Garcia. Based in Sydney, Ns, AU.

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About Jime

I'm passionately compelled to be creative and to create the beauty that I see around me. I consider the natural world as my inspiration and my muse. I like to make what I see and feel and what is created is infused with good vibes and loving energy.

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favorite artists

  • Jess Franks


Jime on Sep 25 2016
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I get it :) I also have the same tendencies.

Louise Anglicas on Sep 24 2016
Louise Anglicas
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Thank-you so much with helping me with my 'inky blue' design decision...i have always been OTT on details...but keep trying to tell myself 'less is more'!! Thanks again :-)

Jime on Sep 04 2016
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That's soo lovely, thank -you!!

Milena Martinez on Sep 04 2016
Milena Martinez
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Welcome to Minted Jimena and good luck!!!