Natasha Shiggaon. Based in Princeton, NJ, US.

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About SherbetPaperCo

Hi there! My name is Natasha and welcome to my creative corner. SherbetPaperCo is my passion project and I hope to bring more color and effervescence to your world. I am a self- taught artist juggling my passion along with a career in Finance. I love working with watercolor for its magical properties. My style is simple, colorful and fun- very reflective of my personality. My paintings are inspired by travel moments, everyday objects and the bright bold hues of my native India.

favorite artists

  • Neeti Kapadia
  • Tanya Swartz
  • CML Designs
  • Kelly Ventura
  • Jessica Chao
  • Linda


Rega on Jul 22 2017
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Hi Natasha,Thank you so much for the compliment and liking on Free Spirit Girl :) I appreciate it.Your watercolor is gorgeous! and fun ideas ! I love it ! Wishing you all the best :)

Alison Jerry Designs on Jul 11 2017
Alison Jerry Designs
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Hello! Welcome to Minted. Thank you for your support on my new work for Pottery Barn challenge. Best of luck to you!

Shelley Kommers on Jul 09 2017
Shelley Kommers
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thank you for the like, Natasha! :)

JoJo Dupre on Feb 27 2016
JoJo Dupre
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Thank you so much for the like! Best of luck to you!!