Nadia Irianto

based in Surabaya, ID, US.

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About Nadia Irianto

A surface pattern and graphic designer from Indonesia since 2011 and the owner of Fe Pattern Design, a patterned products store. Most of my works are patterns that are inspired by a traditional pattern of Batik. Moreover, I always merge the aesthetic of Batik with modern touch in order to give Batik more opportunities to get accepted by all ages. Bringing traditional cultures to my patterns is one of my ways to appreciate what my beautiful country offers to people from all over the world.

favorite artists

  • Julie Lerice
  • Lisa Guerrero
  • Holly Dawson
  • Doris Sou
  • Brett Parks
  • LouisaKay


Nadia Irianto on Jan 26 2018
Nadia Irianto
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Hello Zhay :) Thank you u so much for your warm welcome :)

Zhay Smith on Jan 23 2018
Zhay Smith
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Welcome to Minted, Nadia:)