My Blue Sparrow

Kayli Tolan, Jessica Martineau. Based in Boston, MA, US.

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About My Blue Sparrow

As best friends growing up on the north shore of Boston, our passion for style, creativity and fun lead us to the founding of MY BLUE SPARROW. We teamed up to create our own wedding invitations for our upcoming nuptials, finding ways to blend hand-painted watercolor images with unique text design. Enjoy!

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  • The Social Type
  • Cheer Up Press
  • annie clark
  • Andrea Mentzer
  • Jody Wody
  • cambria


My Blue Sparrow on Nov 17 2010
My Blue Sparrow
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Ah, ok thanks Cassidy- So the design cannot be featured on our website at all? We will take it off- good catch.

Cassidy on Nov 16 2010

Hello - your save the date design that you entered (Love Letters) is already for sale on your website and that is not permitted in the contest rules. Be sure to read the contest rules thoroughly before submitting a design. Just though I would give you a heads up.