Morgan Kendall

Morgan Kendall. Based in Signal Mountain, TN, US.

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About Morgan Kendall

My name is Morgan Kendall. I am an artist working primarily in illustration and photography. I have been creating art professionally since 2002, selling both locally and internationally. I work out of my home studio while taking care of my son. I love experimenting with different mediums while still staying true to my vintage, nostalgic style. I like to see the world as a dreamy, fun, and imaginative place and share that view through my work.

favorite artists

  • kelli hall
  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Kristen Smith
  • Wildfield Paper Co.


Char-Lynn Griffiths on Dec 17 2018
Char-Lynn Griffiths
  • Minted Aug 17, 2016
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Hi Morgan! It is SUCH a small world, thanks for taking my poll! The support and input from fellow artists like you is invaluable. Best of luck to you on your challenge entries, they are all so great!!

frau brandt on Dec 06 2018
frau brandt
  • Minted Sep 19, 2015
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Thank you so much for the like on my entry "Apple of my pie". It`s very encouraging! All the best in this challenge with your wonderful entries!

Michele Norris on Oct 05 2018
Michele Norris
  • Minted Mar 12, 2018
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Hi Morgan, Thank you for the like on my "Red Flowers in Grey Vase" submission! All the best - Michele

frau brandt on Jul 20 2018
frau brandt
  • Minted Sep 19, 2015
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Hi Morgan, thanks for the like on my entries. Love your Haunted house and got cards. Wonderful!

Jacki Loomis on Jul 13 2018
Jacki Loomis
  • Minted Apr 25, 2012
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Hi Morgan, thanks so much for your feedback on my submission "Celestial Celebration" for the specialty holiday challenge! I appreciate you pointing out the typo--I hate seeing typos, and these "specialty" holidays are new territory for me, so I probably would have never noticed! Love your take on Eid with "Starlight", too. Thanks again and best of luck :)

Benita Crandall on Jul 07 2018
Benita Crandall
  • Minted Jan 7, 2016
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Thank you so much Kendall for the like of ‘a cheer to 2019’ love your design botanical love!

Liz Conley on Jul 06 2018
Liz Conley
  • Minted Dec 28, 2012
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Hi Morgan! I just wanted to let you know that going through voting I just came across one of your designs and realized I had accidentally created a card almost exactly like it! I am *so* sorry. If you see my entry I hope you'll know it was not at all my intent. I have already notified the Artist Relations team that my card needs to be disqualified. They can't remove it during voting, but my stupid mistake won't get picked. I'm so sorry.

Pixel and Hank on Jun 08 2018
Pixel and Hank
  • Minted Dec 10, 2010
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Thanks for your recent feedback Morgan! It was exactly what I needed to hear :)

Tresa Meyer-Clark on Feb 11 2017
Tresa Meyer-Clark
  • Minted Jun 16, 2016
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Thank you for your sweet comments on my owl designs. Your work is so creative! Good luck to you!

Playground Prints on Aug 28 2016
Playground Prints
  • Minted Nov 9, 2015
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Hi Morgan, thank you so much for the like! Good luck in the challenge! :)