Modern Abode

Modern Abode. Based in Sumner, WA, US.

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About Modern Abode

Stacey of Modern Abode is a photographic artist dwelling just outside Seattle, Wa. Endlessly inspired by the form, texture, color, and pattern of the living things that surround her, she has created a collection of works that will breathe light into your abode and cultivate a sense of connection to the beauty of nature.

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  • Kristi Jackson


Angela Garrick on Nov 08 2017
Angela Garrick
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Stacey! Welcome to minted!

Itsy Belle Studio on Nov 08 2017
Itsy Belle Studio
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So excited for you to become a Mintie Stacy!

Emese Horvath on Nov 07 2017
Emese Horvath
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Many thanks, Stacey for your like on my "Waiting for the wind" submission! I love your Succulent no. 1. Best of luck in the challenges! Have a great day! :)