Mary Jane Allen

Mary Jane Allen. Based in Dora, AL, US.

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  • Minted on Jan 09 2015

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Brittany Nikole on Jan 22 2015
Brittany Nikole
  • Minted Dec 17, 2014
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Thank you Mary!

Onysia Kolesnikova on Jan 17 2015
Onysia Kolesnikova
  • Minted Jan 4, 2015
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Hello, Mary! Thank you for your feedback! I'm very pleased and the fact than someone appreciates my work inspires me much! Good luck to you)

Mary Jane Allen on Jan 14 2015
Mary Jane Allen
  • Minted Jan 9, 2015
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Ah, Margaret. The repeat of your predominantly green squares Grid (with color variations) is the strong element of your design. If this grid were scaled larger, with less white border around it (so the grid doesn't get lost in a sea of white), I think it would help strengthen your pattern. Sorta like having a photo framed with a matte too large for it and the photo getting 'lost'. I hope this helps clarify my earlier comment. I just want to see a cool design flourish :)

Margaret Williams on Jan 14 2015
Margaret Williams
  • Minted Oct 21, 2014
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Thanks so much for the feedback! I was wondering if you may be able to clarify a bit? I am always happy to receive feedback but i could not quite make out what you were saying. again thank you