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Angela Williams. Based in Los Angeles, US.

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About Mielle Design Studio

I'm a wife & mother of 3 beautiful & rambunctious kids! I'm also a self-taught graphic designer who has an intense love for paper, vibrant bursts of color and rhinestones! My husband and kids inspire me to create better, be better, live better and love better. My passion for creating unique, handcrafted invitations has spiraled into a full on love affair. My designs are all so different…it’s where traditional meets modern, understated meets edgy, and simple meets trendy.

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favorite artists

  • Float Paperie
  • Guess What Design Studio
  • Design Lotus
  • Oscar & Emma
  • Lucky + Lovely
  • Splendid Press


SunnyJuly on Mar 05 2009
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Angela, thank you so very much for you comments. They were all so kind!!! You do such awesome and unique work as well, i am so glad you have joined the minted community. It is always so nice to hear from other designers. I have three children as well and I am self taught so we have a lot in common... I will check out your etsy site :)

Three Kisses Studio on Mar 05 2009
Three Kisses Studio
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Thank you for the comment on my Word Puzzle design. I went to your site on Etsy and you've designed some nice pieces. I'm interested in learning a bit more about how you sell your designs on Etsy and was wondering if I could email you with some questions. My email is amyfontes@gmail.com. Thanks.