Michelle Lee

michelle lee. Based in Albany, NY, US.

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About Michelle Lee

On my best days I work with a spontaneous energy, willing to experiment, play and flow with whatever direction unfolds in my art. I do admire simplicity, sculptural shapes and art that invites the eye to pause and wonder. Abstract photography is mingled among my paintings, as this indulges my adventurous nature outside of my studio. And when the well is dry, some good coffee, good chocolate or time in the great outdoors with family makes everything better.

designs by Michelle Lee

favorite artists

  • Vine and Thistle
  • Sun Ja White


Aspa Gika on Jan 24 2018
Aspa Gika
  • Minted Mar 16, 2015
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Hi Michelle, thank you so much for the like. Your work is beautiful!

Sydnie Horton on Jan 09 2018
Sydnie Horton
  • Minted Jul 14, 2017
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Thank you for likes on my photos! You made my day. I love your abstract work. :)

Bethania Lima on Feb 15 2017
Bethania Lima
  • Minted Jun 24, 2012
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Hi Michelle. Thank you so much for the like on "Skip Waves" and in others entries of mine to the WE Challenge too! Your work is amazing! Very good that you decided to particpate and show so many gorgeous contributions. Good luck to you too!

Mel P on Feb 03 2017
Mel P
  • Minted Jun 15, 2014
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Thank you for a few likes on my west elm submissions! I appreciate the support. I love your eye for composition and texture. So pretty!

Robert Deem on Feb 02 2017
Robert Deem
  • Minted Feb 3, 2016
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You have a wonderful collection of work Michelle and I have a feeling it won't be long before you capture your first win. Thank you for your likes and support of my entries I appreciate it and want to wish you the best of luck in the WE5 challenge. I look forward to enjoying more of your work in the future. -Robert

Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa on Feb 02 2017
Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa
  • Minted Dec 14, 2011
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Michelle, thanks so much for the "like". I appreciate you taking a moment to take a look. Your work is absolutely lovely and I wish you best of luck int he challenge! ;-)

Lulaloo on Feb 02 2017
  • Minted Jun 1, 2012
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Michelle, thank you for the likes! I love your artwork! The best of lucks, Maria

Neeta Sawhney on Feb 01 2017
Neeta Sawhney
  • Minted Dec 4, 2011
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First of all welcome to minted. your work is so nice hope to see more. All the best to you. Thanks for the likes as well. Good luck in this challenge.

Gabrial Reising on Feb 01 2017
Gabrial Reising
  • Minted Jan 29, 2015
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Thank you for the likes on my work:) Your watercolors are mesmerizing, I especially love the blue series. Best of luck!

Alison Jerry Designs on Jan 31 2017
Alison Jerry Designs
  • Minted Jun 1, 2014
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Hello Michelle! Oh my goodness thank you for your support on my work and your passion for all the art you have presented! Great job and best to you!

Karen Kardatzke on Jan 30 2017
Karen Kardatzke
  • Minted Nov 1, 2015
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Michelle, thanks for the nice comments on my work! Appreciate the support! You have some nice entries as well - especially like the "follow along #2" Best of luck to you!