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michael cheung. Based in Stoke On Trent, En, GB.

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Born in Hong Kong but lived in the UK since the age of 4 and i’m now more westernised than a westerner :) I liked the idea of creating mini artworks for the greeting card industry, so i made a decision to become a freelancer 10 yrs ago designing greeting cards, but, predominantly, so that i could spend precious time with my 2 daughters and to be there to watch them grow up as it’s time that money can’t buy back…

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Anita Handy on Nov 09 2016
Anita Handy
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Hi Michael! Thank you so much for your LIKE on VOWS. You have some really beautiful work. Your illustrations are really cute. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

Angela Thompson on Oct 18 2016
Angela Thompson
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Thank you Michael :) I love your sail boat entry - very creative!

Nastya on Oct 17 2016

Hi Michael, thanks so much for liking my entry. Your designs are awesome, best of luck to you :)

Louise Anglicas on Oct 14 2016
Louise Anglicas
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Thanks so much for the likes on my designs...much appreciated!! Good luck with the challenge too! :-)