based in Sunny California, US.

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About Mayel

I try to keep it simple. Always. Minimal drawings. Modern life.

favorite artists

  • Alaina Cherup
  • kelli hall
  • Moglea
  • Jennifer Wick


Emese Horvath on Aug 09 2017
Emese Horvath
  • Minted Jul 6, 2017
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Thanks a lot Mayel for your like on my Coral reef fish design! Love your cherry blossoms :) Have a nice day! :)

Carlita Brown Christian on Aug 07 2017
Carlita Brown Christian
  • Minted Oct 27, 2011
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Thank you Mayel for 'liking' my BW MOD ORCHID.....I LOVE your work!!

Sara Hicks Malone on Jun 13 2012
Sara Hicks Malone
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I'm not at all bothered by our design overlap- I hope you aren't either! Great entries in this challenge!

Jennifer Wick on Jan 29 2012
Jennifer Wick
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Welcome to Minted, Mayel! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my work. I love your lettering style and I can't wait to see more of your designs in the next challenges! You'll find many kindred spirits among us designing Moms : )

Kim Dietrich Elam on Jan 28 2012
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks for your note, Mayel. Welcome to Minted! Love your handwriting. Best of luck to you!

Carol Fazio on Jan 16 2012
Carol Fazio
  • Minted Jun 23, 2011
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Hi Mayel, thanks for your nice note on my profile. Welcome, too, BTW! I am still kind of new to Minted myself, but many years designing. I 've found that if you comment on other's work, they are more likely to comment on yours. It's a very give and take community. Good luck and I hope to see more of your work soon!

Betty Hatchett on Dec 06 2011
Betty Hatchett
  • Minted Dec 4, 2011
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Thanks so much for saying hello, Mayel! I'm brand new to Minted too, so we can figure this out together :). Congrats on being a new mom and kudos to you for continuing to hone your design business while having what I've heard is the much more than full-time job of motherhood. Love your designs! Can't wait to see more.

Simply Shira on Dec 06 2011
Simply Shira
  • Minted Aug 1, 2011
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A big huge welcome to Minted. Thanks so much for your message. I'm actually new to Minted myself and still getting to know the ins and outs. It starts off a little slow in terms of feedback but have found in time that you will soon build a fan base within the community that will have your back. Typically it starts with providing sound remarks of support and suggestions on your work. The words of wisdom that I have for you is stay true to your work while at the same time taking into consideration suggestions made...suggestions are just that...sometimes they are sound and much needed and sometimes they do not help evolve the vision of the design. It is your ultimate call on the final submission of a design. Your comments and support are very much needed as well as you too could help another designer work out much needed kinks on a potentially hot design. So I'll end by saying that you have your first fan and I look forward to seeing more of the Mayel flair in the current and future challenges. Rock on!!