Massimiliano Massimo Borelli

Massimiliano Borelli. Based in Rome, LA, IT.

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About Massimiliano Massimo Borelli

Max Borelli was born in Rome in 1966. He learned to use photographic paper, exposure times and film treatments to reproduce what he saw when he took a snap. With the discovery of digital photography a new world of experimentation was opened up to him, but still closely linked with the style he obtained with anagogic pictures. He attended the basic and advanced courses in photography at the Roman School of Photography.

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Lisa Sundin on Jan 29 2016
Lisa Sundin
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Wow Max, your work is exquisite. Love your compositions and use of light. I'm sure you'll have a pick or two. Best of luck to you!

Roberta Pinna on Jan 22 2016
Roberta Pinna
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Grazie Max!!

Tracy Ann on Jan 20 2016
Tracy Ann
  • Minted Apr 12, 2015
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Thank you Max, and welcome to minted. It's a pleasure to meet you.