Mandy Wilson

Mandy Wilson. Based in Edinburg, TX, US.

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About Mandy Wilson

Art runs in my family so naturally I have always been interested in it from a very young age. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design as well as an all-level Art certification. Now living in the Rio Grande Valley with my husband, 4 year old and 6 month old baby, I still enjoy it today when I get a chance. I am new to this site and am very encouraged to see a community of artists collaborating to produce awesome work!

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Agi Szabo on Mar 15 2016
Agi Szabo
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Ooops... sorry, I didn't hit the "N" key hard enough ;)

Agi Szabo on Mar 15 2016
Agi Szabo
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Thank you, Mady for liking my "Fancy Face Painting... Party". I know it's not for everyone LOL so I appreciate that you can appreciate it ;) I love your nursery animals!

Cavell Ferguson on Mar 14 2016
Cavell Ferguson
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Hi Mandy, thank you for your like.

Pooja Pittie on Mar 12 2016
Pooja Pittie
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Hi Mandy, thank you so much for your comments on my "100 percent fresh" design. I have centered the type and also made everything smaller to give the label room to breathe. I hope you will take a look and let me know if it still needs any changes. Thank you and good luck in the challenge!

Shannon on Mar 10 2016
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Hi Mandy :) Thanks for your input on "sooo minted" – I worked on the letter spacing, but if you still see something wonky please let me know – best of luck in the challenges!