Lyndsay Wright

Lyndsay Wright. Based in Dallas, TX, US.

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About Lyndsay Wright

I am a freelance designer and calligrapher based in Dallas, Texas. I have always loved the physical nature of writing, and have always enjoyed having a pen in my hand. As a child, I would write endless lists of whatever I could think of, just so I could have an excuse to practice writing in different lettering styles. When possible, I try to incorporate handwritten or calligraphed elements into my designs, to give them a more personal feel.

designs by Lyndsay Wright

favorite artists

  • Cheer Up Press
  • Guess What Design Studio
  • Design Lotus
  • Alston Wise
  • chica design
  • cambria


Rebecca Bowen on Jun 17 2013
Rebecca Bowen
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hey girl, welcome to minted. ;) lots of fun here!