Laura Konyndyk

laura konyndyk. Based in Hamilton, CA, US.

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About Laura Konyndyk

Hi there! My name is Laura and I'm an illustrator based in Hamilton Ontario. I'm inspired by all kinds of things: leaves and their many shades of green, flower petals, puns, musty attics, furry critters, fashion, lace, patterns, old movies, jazz music, old photographs, fabrics and children's books! I could go on. I enjoy working with watercolour because it calls for a combination of spontaneity and restraint. The colours almost always blend in fresh and surprising ways, which I love.

designs by Laura Konyndyk

favorite artists

  • Griffinbell Paper Co.
  • Jennifer Wick
  • Rebecca Bowen
  • Alexandra Dzh


Jennifer Wick on Dec 11 2014
Jennifer Wick
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Just wanted to say welcome to Minted! I saw your adorable owl invite and wanted to see more of your work. Your painting illustrations are wonderful! I hope to see more of your work here and I'm glad you joined Minted :)

Laura Konyndyk on Dec 09 2014
Laura Konyndyk
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thanks very much all! still new to the minted world :D

Phrosne Ras on Dec 09 2014
Phrosne Ras
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love your work!

Lori Wemple on Dec 09 2014
Lori Wemple
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You have such adorable illustrations Laura :)