Adriana Mannion

Adriana Mannion. Based in Oak Harbor, WA, US.

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About Adriana Mannion

I’m originally from Colombia, but I’ve lived in America for many years. I’m a self taught artist that enjoys trying different media including charcoal, oil, marker, ink, various hand crafts, and photography. My artwork reflects the designs, colors, and beauty captured in photography I’ve taken of places I’ve enjoyed. In my art, I look forward to seeing, learning, and discovering more about myself and life. I live on beautiful Whidbey Island with my husband and awesome 11 year old son.

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MIRIMO on Oct 06 2018
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Many thanks for liking my submission MORNING VIBES! Good luck for your entries!

DSH Design on Oct 04 2018
DSH Design
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Thank you so much for the ‘like’ Adriana! Best of luck to you in the challenge.

Jennifer Holbrook on Oct 04 2018
Jennifer Holbrook
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Hi Adriana, thanks so much for your likes! I love your animals. All the best to you.

Carol C. Young on Oct 04 2018
Carol C. Young
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Hi - thanks for the like on My Little Lamb - appreciate it! Your work is amazing!

Lorena Depante on Oct 04 2018
Lorena Depante
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Thank you for the like Adriana :). All the Best!

Dawn Jasper on Feb 06 2018
Dawn Jasper
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Glad I could help a little! I’ve always wanted to submit a quilled design but my skills in that area are terrible lol. You could absolutely use a photograph. It would be similar to other artists using hand drawn elements. You would just place the photo into your illustrator art board. That’s where having the white background behind the quilled piece would come in handy. If you’d like to chat you’re more than welcome to find me on Facebook!

Rebecca Rueth on Jan 07 2018
Rebecca Rueth
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Hi Adriana, Thank you for the likes on some of my submissions for the Large Format Art Print Challenge! Best of Luck to you on all of your entries!

Rega on Nov 06 2017
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Hi Adriana,Thank you so much for the like on my Eliás :) Your Soft touch and say cheese are cute :) Wishing you the best of luck on your submissions and Welcome to Minted :)