Lisa Schneller Bieser

Lisa Bieser. Based in San Francisco, CA, US.

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About Lisa Schneller Bieser

I have been quite literally drawing since I could hold a crayon (although I use much better art supplies nowadays). When I'm not drooling over beautiful type or drawing in my sketchbook, you can find me behind the lens of my camera, eating eggs benedict and playing with my sweet, fluffy bichon frise.

designs by Lisa Schneller Bieser

favorite artists

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  • Oscar & Emma
  • Frooted Design


Sara Hicks Malone on May 16 2014
Sara Hicks Malone
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Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my design- it made my day! I LOVE your illustration style! Looking forward to seeing more of you on Minted. Thanks again! -Sara

Shannon on Mar 24 2014
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I just watched your promo video on your website – AWESOME!!