based in Birmingham, AL, US.

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About Leigh

Hi and welcome! I'm Leigh, a teacher and artist living in Birmingham. I love to find the joy and humor in life, then share that through my art. Some of my favorite things are prints and vibrant colors.

favorite artists

  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Chris Griffith
  • Amanda Nicholson
  • Erica Krystek
  • Megan Tsang
  • Lisa Tamura Guerrero


Dawn Jasper on Apr 27 2018
Dawn Jasper
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Hi Leigh! Tracking is the spacing between the letters and words. In illustrator you can find it in the character palette (it's the VA with the arrows underneath).

Chris Griffith on Mar 02 2018
Chris Griffith
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Hi Leigh; sorry to take so long to respond. I don't use anything but paper, pen, watercolors etc. I have a Wacom and an iPad with the pencil, but still have not tried them. :)

Afton Harding on Feb 13 2018
Afton Harding
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Hey Leigh! I’m glad you like my illustrations! They are all original watercolors that I scan and then use Adobe Illustrator/photoshop to create the layout! Hope that helps! Have a great day! ❤️

Grae Sales on Feb 12 2018
Grae Sales
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Hi Leigh! I am also using Wacom tablet for my illustrations. As for software, I use Artrage 4.5. Hope this helps!

Jackie Crawford on Feb 11 2018
Jackie Crawford
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Hi Leigh, thanks for your sweet comment! I doodle on my iPad pro (I hated wasting so much paper erasing things) and either do a final version by hand/paint or directly in illustrator. I change colorways in Photoshop, but that's the extent that I know how to use that program. I hope you can find something you like! Have a great week :)

JeAnna Casper on Feb 10 2018
JeAnna Casper
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Leigh, Thank you so much for your comment! I actually don't use a tablet at all. I do all my illustrations by hand, then scan them and bring them into photoshop/illustrator to put everything together and finish them off. I have wanted to use an iPad pro, but I don't have much time so I just stick to what I know :) Good luck on your search!!

Angela Garrick on Feb 09 2018
Angela Garrick
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Hi Leigh :) I hand draw/paint and scan in my work. I also use photoshop and illustrator. I have a tablet but never quite mastered it. Recently got the iPad Pro artists keep talking about, now I just need to find time to learn how to use it! Have fun making your purchase!

Alexandra Dzh on Feb 09 2018
Alexandra Dzh
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Hi Leigh, thank you for your comment. I'm using Wacom Intuos pen&touch, but mostly hand drawing and scanning. As for programs it's Photoshop and Illustrator for editing and drawing. Good luck)

Alethea and Ruth on Feb 09 2018
Alethea and Ruth
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Hi Leigh! I liked reading your comments and seeing what everyone else is using! I do a mix of a iPad Procreate and hand drawing/painting and scanning - using photoshop for color adjustments and illustrator for everything else. I actually have a 2 or 3 year old Cintiq and I liked using it - but there are a bunch of cords and plugs that made it feel like a pain to pull out and use all that frequently. Good luck on your next fun purchase :-)

Leah Bisch on Feb 09 2018
Leah Bisch
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Hi Leigh! I use the app Procreate on the iPad Pro for my illustrations and usually finish things off in illustrator or Photoshop. I absolutely love the iPadPro and highly recommend it. If you go that route, get the 12.9" screen and lots of storage. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions :)

Oscar & Emma on Feb 09 2018
Oscar & Emma
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Hi Leigh! I am right there with Karidy. Illustrator on my Macbook Pro and I scan in my watercolor or drawings and fix them up in Photoshop. I've thought about getting an ipad pro, but haven't had time to actually check it out. Good luck with your search!

Cindy Denning on Feb 09 2018
Cindy Denning
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Hi Leigh! That's actually all I use is a Wacom with Adobe Illustrator. But my Wacom is fairly new, I've only had it about a year. Good luck on the search! Always hard to know what to invest in :)

iamtanya on Feb 09 2018
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Hi Leigh, I use iPad pro with Procreate and then imported it to Photoshop to adjust some details. ;)

Lagniappe Paper on Feb 09 2018
Lagniappe Paper
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But my partner Megan uses Photo Editor or illustrator on her Mac to change colors and such.

Karidy Walker on Feb 09 2018
Karidy Walker
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Hi Leigh - sorry to hear about your Wacom! I just read Lori's response to you & I'm super old school too. I just use illustrator on my trusty MacBook Pro (I don't even use a mouse). For watercolor or painted pieces I'll scan them in & use Photoshop. I purchased an iPad pro a few months ago but haven't even tried it out yet! Like Lori said, old habits die hard. I should probably take it out & give it a whirl, though. Haha! Good luck!

Lagniappe Paper on Feb 09 2018
Lagniappe Paper
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Hi Leigh! I actually hand draw or hand paint all of my illustrations and then we scan them in. I am old school! haha! I really should look into using some sort of program but who knows when i would take the time to learn how to use it! If you find one you like please share with me!

Lori Wemple on Feb 09 2018
Lori Wemple
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Hi Leigh, sorry to hear about your Wacom, but yay to an opportunity to try something new! I’m soooo old school, I only use my mouse (and scanned paintings by hand). I hear amazing things about the iPad pro with Procreate and the Cintiqs though! I keep wanting to try them but old habits die hard :) I do almost all my work in Illustrator, and use photoshop for editing scans. Good luck to you on replacing your tablet! x

Gina Grittner on Feb 09 2018
Gina Grittner
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Hi Leigh! That's a bummer about the Wacom. I use the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil working primarily in an app called Procreate. There are also other apps that allow you to work in vector directly on the iPad but I still haven't tried those out. I usually just work at a large scale at about 18x24 in procreate and either use the layered psd it exports or live trace in illustrator to create vector artwork when needed. There are lots of brushes you can buy/download for Procreate to achieve the textured and painterly style. I hope this helps!

Lee Dunnie on Jan 23 2018
Lee Dunnie
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Hey fellow B'hamer! Nice work and good luck!

Sydnie Horton on Jan 09 2018
Sydnie Horton
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Thanks for the like on my photo "snowflake". You made my day!

Jennifer Holbrook on Jul 21 2017
Jennifer Holbrook
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Hi Leigh, thanks so much for your like on my "Look at the Stars" lion design! Your support is much appreciated. Best of luck in the challenge.

Zhay Smith on Jun 28 2017
Zhay Smith
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Hi Leigh, Welcome to Minted! Thanks for liking my "Best Is Yet To Come Geometric" submission. It is truly appreciated. Happy Creating!