Laura Blue Palmer

Laura Palmer. Based in Missoula, MT, US.

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About Laura Blue Palmer

I am a fine artist from western MT. When I'm not hiking and exploring the backcountry, I am often skywatching and bird watching so I can collect ideas to apply towards painting. I love drawing, painting, and creating art. I hope I provide some solace to my viewers through my art.

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Laura Blue Palmer on Jul 08 2016
Laura Blue Palmer
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Thanks Robert for your kind words and taking a moment to see my work. I love making art! Thanks for giving the community a place to share.

Robert Deem on Jul 08 2016
Robert Deem
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Hi Laura, welcome to Minted! I was intrigued by your challenge submissions so I checked out your website. Very impressive! I especially like your repertoire of skies and clouds as well as your bird portraits. I can't wait to see more of your work! Best of luck to you in the Spaces and Places Art challenge!