Laura Dick

Laura Dick. Based in Toronto, CA, US.

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About Laura Dick

Beauty can be found everywhere and my paintings are the expression of what my eyes and heart see. The natural world gives me subjects full of form, contrast and colour. The privilege of travel has allowed me to see the beauty of urban landscapes. My style is painterly realism, a mixture of soft, blended brushstrokes and carefully placed tightened edges.My goal is to share with others the beauty and wonder of my life's moments and have a glimpse of the joy I feel.

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Bethania Lima on Feb 15 2017
Bethania Lima
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Hi Laura. Thank you very much for the like on "Layers of green". Good luck in the challenge too!

Elisabeth Larson on Feb 06 2017
Elisabeth Larson
  • Minted Nov 2, 2016
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Thank you for liking my work! I very truly appreciate it, especially as I am new to minted, so is very encouraging. :) You have beautiful work!

lulablu on Feb 06 2017
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Hi Laura, Thank you for the like on "tranquility in orange"- it means a lot. Welcome to Minted, you have submitted some wonderful pieces. Best- lulablu

Taryn Himmelright on Feb 04 2017
Taryn Himmelright
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Hi Laura. Thank you for liking my Sun Salutation piece. You paintings are so amazingly real! Best of luck to you in the challenge!

Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa on Feb 03 2017
Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa
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Laura, Thanks for "liking" my rose.. I am so appreciative of the feedback. Your work is simply lovely. Best of luck in the challenge you will be fabulous! ;-)

Robert Deem on Feb 03 2017
Robert Deem
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Hello Laura and welcome to Minted! I am so impressed with your oil paintings - both on your website and what you've submitted - that I'm sure you'll do great in the Minted challenges. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. best wishes and good luck in the WE5 challenge! -Robert

Kelly Christina on Feb 02 2017
Kelly Christina
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Thanks so much for the like Laura! I love your work, best of luck to you in the challenge!

Corinne Aelbers on Feb 02 2017
Corinne Aelbers
  • Minted Jan 1, 2016
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Laura, Welcome to minted. Your paintings are gorgeous. Thank you for your like of my sparrow sketch in the West Elm Challenge. Best of luck with all your entries in 2017. - Corinne

Shannon on Feb 01 2017
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Laura, your paintings could easily be mistaken for photographs – amazing! Your "Peony Joy" is especially nice, and florals are a big draw on Minted (or it seems that way to me anyway). Thanks so much for the support, and I hope to keep seeing more of your work :)

Rega on Feb 01 2017
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Hi Laura, Your painting is truely amazing ! Love your colors and feeling in your art.Thank you so much for the like on my Deco Hotel :) Wishing you have a Tons of lucks for West Elm challenge !