Elisabeth Larson

Elisabeth Larson. Based in Lynden, WA, US.

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About Elisabeth Larson

Elisabeth is a fine artist based out of her studio in the Pacific Northwest. Her work is strongly based in the tradition of painting while at the same time embraces modernism. She received her BFA in painting in 2012 and went on to continue in Jerusalem, Israel where she concluded her studies in 2015

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Rebecca Rueth on Jan 18 2018
Rebecca Rueth
  • Minted Jun 19, 2016
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Hi Elisabeth, Thank you for the like on my "Yosemite Textures" entry for the Large Format Art Print Challenge! Best Wishes on your entries for the Challenge! I just voted!

Lisa Travis on Jan 09 2018
Lisa Travis
  • Minted May 1, 2009
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Hi Elizabeth, thank you for the like on my entry "One Time Use". Your seascapes are beautiful, I am in awe of the subtlety and nuance you created with such a limited palette. Best of luck to us both. -Lisa

Field and Sky on Feb 14 2017
Field and Sky
  • Minted Aug 18, 2015
  • 14 Awards
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Thanks for your like on my GeoPoint, Elizabeth. I really like your paintings! Best wishes to you!

Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa on Feb 08 2017
Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa
  • Minted Dec 14, 2011
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Elizabeth, Thanks so much for the "like"! Best of luck int he challenge, your work is lovely. ;-)

Rebecca Rueth on Feb 07 2017
Rebecca Rueth
  • Minted Jun 19, 2016
  • 12 Awards
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Thank you for your comments on my painting The Storm Rolls In! You have some lovely submissions, best of luck to you! I especially like the dreaminess of the washed out charcoal sketches and your landscape paintings.

Hannah Lowe Corman on Feb 06 2017
Hannah Lowe Corman
  • Minted Jun 23, 2016
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Elisabeth ~ Thank you for liking "On the Horizon" - one of my paintings for the West Elm challenge! I loooove your skies! Best, Hannah

Courtney Crane on Feb 05 2017
Courtney Crane
  • Minted Dec 12, 2014
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Hi Elisabeth, Thank you for your comments and your like on Maine No.3! You have some gorgeous entries. I especially love the dreamy quality of your landscapes. Good luck! - Courtney

Kelly Christina on Feb 05 2017
Kelly Christina
  • Minted Oct 13, 2015
  • 47 Comments made
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Hi Elisabeth, Thank you for your lovely comments on my pieces! I LOVE your work, your landscapes are absolutely spectacular. Best of luck to you! ;)

Shannon on Feb 04 2017
  • Minted May 20, 2013
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Hello there Elisabeth :) I have a feeling you are going to meet with great success on Minted - really beautiful work. I particularly like your charcoal drawings, it's like there is a light shining out through them! Best of luck, and thanks so much for the likes :)

Alison Jerry Designs on Feb 04 2017
Alison Jerry Designs
  • Minted Jun 1, 2014
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Welcome to Minted! Love your paintings. Thank you for the your recent likes on my new work for WE. All the best, Alison

Lindsay Megahed on Feb 04 2017
Lindsay Megahed
  • Minted Dec 26, 2010
  • 171 Awards
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welcome to minted! You have such great talent. Love your painterly style!

Debra Pruskowski on Feb 03 2017
Debra Pruskowski
  • Minted Dec 19, 2012
  • 13 Awards
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Hi Elisabeth, thank you for the likes on my recent submissions! Welcome to Minted and best of luck in the challenge!

Robert Deem on Feb 03 2017
Robert Deem
  • Minted Feb 3, 2016
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Hello Elisabeth and welcome to Minted! I was just going through the process of determining who was new, checking out their work and sending them a welcome message and you beat me to it! I really enjoy your entries especially "Lemons" and "Neutral Still Life" and guess that it won't be long before one or more of your entries ends up on the winners list. Best wishes to you and good luck in the art challenges! -Robert