Kristin Chapman

Kristin Chapman. Based in Livermore, CA, US.

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About Kristin Chapman

Hey there! I am Kristin. I am an artist. And a stay at home mama. I also moonlight as a graphic designer. I love working with letter forms and a bright color palette. I am inspired by old things and new places. You can keep up with my daily musings @creativebleed on instagram. k

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Bethania Lima on Feb 15 2017
Bethania Lima
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Hi Kristin. Thank you for the like on "Part of the fun 1". Good luck on the challenge too!

Hannah Lowe Corman on Feb 07 2017
Hannah Lowe Corman
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Kristin ~ Thank you for liking my submission of "Rainbow Sunset" to the West elm challenge! I appreciate it so much! All the best, Hannah

Elky Ink on Feb 02 2017
Elky Ink
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Hi Kristin, Thank you very much for liking my Tomato Basket! It doesn't look like you have participated in this challenge. I hope you will join us in the next!

Sadie Holden on Jul 19 2016
Sadie Holden
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Hi Kristin! Thank you so much for the like on my painting! It is very much appreciated! Your work is beautiful! Best to you in the challenge! :)

Debb W on Apr 13 2016
Debb W
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Hi Kristin, I love the photo on your website of the mother & child under the umbrella, looking out at the waves. Beautiful!