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Kristina Me. Based in Minsk, MI, BY.

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About Kristina Me

HI! I'm an architect and now I have a great passion for design and illustration. Also, I am a happy mom and a beloved wife of my husband. Behind all these, there is a non-stop desire to create. P.S. I would be very happy if you find enjoyment in my works. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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Kate Ross on Sep 01 2016
Kate Ross
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Hi Kristina! You have to submit your City Lovers piece to the next art challenge. Welcome to Minted!

Kristina Me on Aug 29 2016
Kristina Me
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Thank you!)

Debb W on Aug 24 2016
Debb W
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Hi! Welcome to minted. I like your bio, and "great passion for design". :)