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Colleen Williamson. Based in Denver, CO, US.

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I enjoy all aspects of art and design! As you can see from my art, I am a dabbler in different styles - I enjoy combining these styles into one final piece or sometimes just leaving them to stand on their own. I hope that the art that I create will inspire you on your own creative journey in creating a space that makes you smile.

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frau brandt on Jul 27 2017
frau brandt
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Thank you for the like, Colleen. It is always encouraging to get positive feedback. I really like the color choices in your work. All the best.

Benita Crandall on Jul 26 2017
Benita Crandall
  • Minted Jan 7, 2016
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Thank you so much for the like of my design 'A shimmering cheer for 2018"! Love your art work!:-)

Esther Lane on Jul 10 2016
Esther Lane
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Thank you Colleen for your like of my "By The Sea". Good luck with your beautiful work!