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Kim Pillinger. Based in Hillsborough, NJ, US.

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About Dandelion Paper Co.

I am a graphic designer with a wide range of interests, but my first love was anything printable. I look for inspiration in the little things and have a minor obsession with typography.

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Shannon on Apr 12 2016
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Hi there, thanks so much for the like :) Best of luck in this crazy challenge – have fun creating!

JoAnn Jinks on Mar 17 2016
JoAnn Jinks
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Hi Kim! Thanks so much for your helpful comment on my "Hoo is Two" design. I just created a poll based on your suggestion and I think it looks much better now! Thanks again for taking the time to comment!

Anupama on Mar 10 2016
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Thanks Kim!! So glad you could catch that "horray" :) in my "big catch" invitation