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Risa Woodbury. Based in Burnsville, MN, US.

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About Kimiyo Prints

Designing in all forms has always made me happy. A former kitchen and bathroom designer turned graphic designer, I have always found joy in creating something from nothing and helping people see their design visions come to life.

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Faith Dorn on Nov 28 2017
Faith Dorn
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Thank you so much for the like on 'right angles' appreciative. All the best to you!

Paper Sun Studio on Mar 16 2017
Paper Sun Studio
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Hi Risa, Thank you so much for the like and all the best to you in the challenges!

Karena Anderson on Mar 02 2017
Karena Anderson
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Hi Risa, Thank you for liking my "Hearts" submission. I really appreciate your support. You have some great submissions, and I wish you luck in the challenge! -- Rennie

Rega on Feb 28 2017
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Hi Risa, Thank you so much for the like on my Baby Sushi :) So much appreciate it.Your adventure beginnings is so cute ! Wishing you all the best :) Good luck on the challenge !

Jackie Crawford on Jun 08 2016
Jackie Crawford
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Hi Risa, thank you for your kind comment on my Dropped the Ball entry. I'm so glad you found it to be funny! I know a lot of people that send Christmas cards out in late January-- life just gets hectic. I hope this entry resonates with others, too. Best of luck in the challenge!

JoAnn Jinks on May 05 2016
JoAnn Jinks
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Hello! Thanks so much for your helpful comment on my "Elegant Merry" design. I actually created a poll with your advice in mind, and I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have a chance! Thanks again, JoAnn