Katie Buckman

based in Monroe, WA, US.

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About Katie Buckman

Art is something that I have been doing my whole life. If I am not moving, I am drawing, photographing (with my camera or my eyes!) I am doing something creative. My father always took amazing photos of me growing up and as I do that for my daughter, she is often my inspiration for seeing things in a different way. Fun fact: Many of these photos were taken with her on my hip!

designs by Katie Buckman

favorite artists

  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Lehan Veenker
  • Kamala Nahas
  • Jennifer Morehead
  • Susan Moyal
  • Owl and Toad


Ashley Lane on Aug 28 2019
Ashley Lane
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Thank you for the like, Katie! I love your stunning photography. All the best to you. :)

Lucia Coppola on Nov 22 2018
Lucia Coppola
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Many thanks for the like Katie! Best luck in the challenge!

van tsao on Nov 13 2018
van tsao
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Hi Katie. Thanks for the like . Best luck to your submission!