Kay Wolfersperger

Kay Wolfersperger. Based in New York, NY, US.

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About Kay Wolfersperger

Hi! I’m an illustrator & designer living and working in NYC. I whip up creative and spirited designs for clients, home decor, stationery and just about anything you can put an illustration on! I wield wit and humor to create work that is intentional and yet still playful and approachable. There should never be a shortage of fun, especially in our everyday routines. My inspirations stem from travel, the going ons in the kitchen and running around NYC taking in all of it's fabulousness.

designs by Kay Wolfersperger

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  • Laura Hankins


Lea Delaveris on Oct 10 2017
Lea Delaveris
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Congrats on your wins! Love your work!

Jan Shepherd on Aug 24 2017
Jan Shepherd
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Hello Kay, thanks for your feedback on Terrazzo - I just don't know which one to put in now as I thought I would try it in blues, but the pink was already popular! I just must say that I love your stationery designs and I already gave you a 5 for my favourite! Now I've come over to your page I can see your fun style shining through - good luck in the contests :)

Rega on Aug 13 2017
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Hi Kay,Thank you so much for the like on Pirates of the Ocean :) Love your entries as well ! Wishing you the best of luck on the challenges :)