Kati Ramer

Kati Ramer. Based in Austin, TX, US.

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About Kati Ramer

I’m compelled to create by my belief that all things are connected, united by the same force that moves us all forward. Each being carries within them a divine spark. Art has the ability to nurture the spark, to make the artist sense their connection to others, to Earth, to the Spirit, In turn, the viewer is invited to glimpse into the artists world and for a moment be reminded of that connection. I live in Austin with my husband and our pup, Frida.

designs by Kati Ramer

favorite artists

  • Nell Waters Bernegger
  • Rebecca Bowen
  • Kelly Ventura


Kristy Case on Jun 13 2016
Kristy Case
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Hi Kati! Thank you for taking the time to leave the lovely comment on my piece "Out of the Fog." It is such a great feeling when a captured moment allows for someone else to experience it too. Good luck with the challenge and I look forward to seeing more of your paintings.

Robert Deem on Jun 12 2016
Robert Deem
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Thank you Kati for your complements and "like" for "Shoals Ahead." I like your paintings so much and can't wait to see more. Best of luck!