Katie Jarman

Katie Jarman. Based in Sacramento, CA, US.

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About Katie Jarman

Katie is an illustrator & photographer living in Northern California. She's been doing creative design work for many years, covering everything from book illustrations, to hand lettering & everything in-between. When Katie's not drawing or taking photos, you can find her grubbing around in the garden, or off on an adventure with people she loves. She enjoys fresh cooking, art, live music, and enjoying nature.

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Itsy Belle Studio on Dec 20 2017
Itsy Belle Studio
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Hey Katie! I saw you're "Division" fabric on the Today show yesterday bring used as wrapping paper

Stephanie Goos Johnson on Jan 08 2015
Stephanie Goos Johnson
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Thank you Katie! I have only recently gotten back into my artistic life after being home with three kids for the last few years. The community has been so supportive and kind (including your comment which made my day!). Good luck in the fabric challenge - I love that your designs are so graphic!

Me Amelia on Jan 07 2015
Me Amelia
  • Minted Jan 21, 2012
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Hi Katie, Thank you for your like on my Art Challenge submission. Hope to see more of your work.

Lindsay Megahed on Nov 22 2014
Lindsay Megahed
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Thanks Katie! I love seeing unique pieces like your latest submissions in minted's art contests. Your fiddle leaf is my favorite!

Alethea and Ruth on Sep 13 2014
Alethea and Ruth
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Thanks for such a kind comment, Katie. Your designs totally stood out to me - I love how graphic they are! I'd totally use fabric like that.

August and Oak on Sep 12 2014
August and Oak
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Thank you Katie! Your fabric entries were amazing!! I just saw your save the dates and am loving them - especially the nontraditional yellow and blue ones!